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Our Quick Bridge Funding aka Commercial Bridge Loan Programs FAQs

  1. Can I get a temporary hard money bridge loan to avoid Foreclosure of my commercial property? Absolutely
  2. Are these type short term commercial real estate loans also called temporary commercial real estate loans? Sometimes, yes.
  3. Are these hard money bridge loans also called hard money loans? Yes
  4. Do you do assisted living financing? Yes, we have assisted living loans including rehab assisted living loan programs.
  5. Is there any such thing as a low rate commercial bridge loan mortgage? Yes but very, very few. We are one of them although not every one that apply for bridge mortgage loans is approved. Every case is unique.
  6. So you are saying I may can get a short term loan to save my commercial property from foreclosure? Often times, yes.
  7. What if my commercial property is set for a foreclosure sale? Is it too late to apply? Maybe not, although you may need to file corporate bankruptcy to buy us some time.
  8. Can I get a bridge loan for my commercial property with poor credit? Yes, our loans are based on the asset not your personal credit.
  9. How long are most bridge mortgage loans? They are usually 3 year loans.
  10. What about geography requirements? We are nationwide so we are bridge or hard money lenders in Chicago, Las Vegas, Houston, Miami, New York, Florida etc. Also, don’t forget, we have low rate bridge financing programs too.
  11. What are your commercial real estate loan rates? Our commercial property financing rates vary by situation but can be as low as 5.5%.
  12. Do you have programs for stopping foreclosure on a commercial property? While our programs aren’t necessarily designed to stop a commercial foreclosure, we can often stop a foreclosure sale  either through a corporate bankruptcy or with a little cooperation from the lender as a result of our LOI to you showing we plan on paying them off through your commercial mortgage refinancing.
  13. Do your Quick Bridge Funding loans include real estate development financing loans? Yes, for projects that make sense.

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