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Commercial Bridge Loans

A Commercial Bridge Loan (Real Estate or M&E) When You Can’t Wait for or Secure Traditional Financing

A commercial bridge loan can provide many benefits such as providing the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities right away. If you take the time to jump through all of the hoops your bank or investors require, someone else will swoop in and seize the advantage.

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A fast commercial real estate loan allows you to be nimble. You get the financing you need to make a critical investment to keep your business moving ahead. Once you have secured your loan and done any repairs or renovations you can pay off the bridge loan with conventional financing with your bank or investors.


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We have quick commercial hard money loan programs in all 50 states including cash out financing with qualifying LTVs and construction loans. These commercial hard money loans, can even help you stop or avoid a business property foreclosure (we can often negotiate with your bank for a lower payoff when the LTV is too high), take advantage of a big opportunity or tap some existing equity short term for a business opportunity. Unfortunately, the pendulum for commercial real estate (and other business loans) as in residential real estate loans swung from the extremely easy to the extremely difficult. Just about any blemish in an individual’s credit (often not in their making) will get a swift and decisive “No”.

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Bad Credit SBA Loans

Our alternative bad credit SBA loans many times are a perfect alternative for people turned down by a conventional lender. So if you’ve been turned down for an conventional commercial real estate lender because of less that perfect credit, our bad credit SBA loans may just be the ticket. So many of you may be asking “Just how bad can my credit be and still qualify for an our SBA loans for bad credit?” Unfortunately, there is no exact answer or rather no minimum credit score. And honestly, really horrible credit probably won’t work. Having said that, I’ve been surprised at some poor credit situations that have been approved. The two keys for most borrowers is 1) A poor but not horrible credit score, probably 580 to 660 (poor for most lenders even many SBA lenders) and a really good story for why your credit scores are low. One example is medical bills from a major illness. There are others as every situation is different. So, when in doubt submit an executive summary for your loan situation, including a detailed story on your credit. We should be able to get you an answer in 2 to 3 business days. So, not a lot of time and effort to loose for a potential huge benefit. Our SBA loans start at $500,000. Call us if you have any questions. 1-828-206-9386.

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Commercial Bridge Loans

Sometimes circumstances beyond your control put a crimp in your cash flow. A big customer could miss a payment or severe weather could delay your project. Short term bridge financing can mean the difference between moving ahead you’re your investment project or watching someone else reap the rewards. A bridge loan can even be used to stop a commercial foreclosure.

Bridge loans work differently than traditional bank loans. A bridge financing is a way to get cash into your business quickly to provide you with the critical liquidity and stability to carry your business over until you straighten out your cash flow or secure traditional bank financing.

When it comes to real estate and business loans, banks often refuse to lend if there is even a hint of a blemish on your credit report. We have a different approach. We look at both the big picture and at your business’s unique circumstances. Our short-term bridge financing, or hard money commercial loans, are perfect where:

  • You have been denied for a SBA loan
  • You have been in business less than two years
  • You want a stated income loan—only prove us with a P& L, no tax return needed
  • You need commercial financing for a low occupancy space
  • You have a credit score below 650
  • You have had a bankruptcy or foreclosure

Many commercial lenders can be brutal to deal with. When you are facing a commercial foreclosure, it can seem like you have no options. You lender may be unwilling to deal with you. We can help you with a commercial bridge loan.

In many cases we can even negotiate with the bank when the LTV is too high to qualify for our loans. Because we look at the big picture, we are able to get you relief fast and help you stop a commercial foreclosure.

We understand cash flow issues and falling behind on your mortgage don’t mean your business is doomed. We give you the cash you need now to continue to build your vision.

If you need a commercial bridge loan to seize an opportunity or to give you relief from temporary cash flow issues we can help.

Our JV Real Estate Investors program allows real estate investors with insufficient funds to qualify for financing (ours or conventional) the opportunity to bring in an equity investor to make their project a reality. Our up to 90% JV real estate equity financing programs start at $2 Million and go up to $12 million but  are limited on the type project such as no ground up construction, so call to discuss.

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Quick Bridge Financing to bridge the gap until a conventional commercial loan is your best option

Quick Bridge Funding via a Commercial Bridge Mortgage can be a life saver for an investor or business person in difficult times, not only to take advantage of a great investment opportunity where there is no time for conventional financing but also to stop a commercial foreclosure. Yes, you can use our loans to avoid a commercial foreclosure.

This is more true today than ever due to the increased commercial underwriting requirements instituted by the banks post the real estate and financial debacle in 2007 and 2008. It’s really a shame too. During the heyday of mortgage lending, if you had a pulse, you could get a loan, particularly in the residential market and to a lesser degree in the commercial real estate market.

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Commercial Financing for Low Occupancy Properties – Unlike other commercial loan programs requiring a relatively high occupancy rate requirement, we look at the big picture.

Mobile Home Park Financing loans, both purchase and refinance including cash out. Our mobile home park loan programs can have an LTV up to 70%.

Commercial hard money real estate loans where unlike the SBA, owner occupancy can be below 51%, even as low as 10%. Low owner occupancy loans are one of our specialties



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