Commercial Loans For Foreign National Investors


Are you a foreign national looking for a commercial loan in the U.S.? Perhaps to buy a hotel, an apartment building, or a retail strip center?

Commercial Loans For Foreign National Investors

It’s tough, we know, but thanks to our special relationship with lenders specializing in commercial bridge loans for foreign national investors, we can help.

In fact, the National Association of Realtors estimates that commercial real estate purchased by non-US residents were mostly all-cash transactions in 2016, as opposed to just a fraction of domestic sales.

Why is it so tough?

Most US based Banks and Lenders just aren’t equipped to make loans to people who haven’t lived many years in our country. They are accustomed to evaluating credit history based on American sources, like US credit agencies, Internal Revenue declarations, or employment histories with social security verification.

If you’ve had a job in the US for some years, you won’t have much trouble, as your credit history and employment history will both conform to established standards.

But if you’ve only just come, or have only been here a little while, getting a mortgage can be tricky!

Having a bank from your home country that knows you well can help. But that bank, if it has a footprint in the US, is likely to consider your request just like other American banks with regard to foreigners seeking mortgages.

USFS can help

Thanks to our lender’s experience in the real estate market, and their special know-how in evaluating loan applications, we can help.

Our lender likes working with foreigners who can be responsive and who can make decisions.

They understand how to evaluate a foreigner’s credit worthiness, and have experience in verifying employment and revenue, even when it comes from abroad. And they can make educated decisions on commercial mortgages, with more flexibility about down payment and loan costs than other lenders.

What’s more, we can get you a loan fast, much faster than slow-moving banks or other alternative lenders who lack our years of experience. They are specialists in commercial real estate and the housing market. They are a group of professionals that provides loans from $100,000 to $5 million and larger on a case by case basis.

As a private lender, they underwrite loans, so that every lending decision gets made with the same level of detail and care. So they can be flexible, providing a rapid response, because they know the market and are experts at evaluating commercial loans.

So if you are a foreigner struggling to obtain a commercial mortgage in the US – you needn’t fight anymore! We are here to help, and we will give you every chance to succeed.

We have and make our decisions in-house on our core program, so we can be flexible about conditions and rapid in reply with a decision.


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