Low Occupancy Commercial Loans

Medical Careers with Better Hours and Better Asset Creation

Many people who are trained as doctors and nurses work very hard and for very long hours. Nurses’ work can involve very long hours and lots of responsibility. Sometimes their income is usually limited by their hourly pay. They also get bad knees from walking on concrete floors and lifting patients.

Doctors’ pay is limited by insurance company’s rules (as if insurance companies cared about good doctoring) or the patient schedule (ten minutes per patient, no exceptions). Doctors have income but no time to study investments so they are less successful investors than they would wish.

At some point many of these professionals get fed up and look for alternatives that fit in better with their desired life style and skill set.

An investment in a field in which they are more educated and experienced is a natural progression from an investment standpoint.

So what can they do?

They have abilities and training to make investments in the field of medical care that could pay off in viable asset based investments. Check Out here for Low Occupancy Commercial Loans.

For example there are opportunities for starting businesses in health care areas such as good health maintenance, wellness, exercise and physical therapy, home health, hospice care, residence care, assisted living and nursing care facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid and/or insurance payments of various kinds.

And the need for such care is growing every day.Owning a business that fulfills such needs can be an excellent investment for people who are interested and capable

A group or an individual could start a business or buy one with about a 40% down payment and a commercial loan of some kind. These types of loans are secured by the business rather than by personal signature. They are structured as an asset and business income loan deal.The great thing about getting a loan on a commercial property is you still have options if you have some credit history issues whereas trying to get a residential loan with credit problems is pretty much impossible. These options come in the form of what’s called “hard money” and while not cheap, these loans can get you started until your credit problems are fixed. Let me give you just a few examples of problems hard money loans often solve.

These include

  1. Commercial loans with no proof of funds,
  2. Low Occupancy Commercial Loans
  3. Hard money loans with a foreclosure just to name a few.

A business that is generating and building income looks like a better bet to a lender.

Another alternative would be to start small and build slowly in some specialty area, saving commercial loans for later.

Dealing with Medicare/Medicaid delayed payments might guide your choices about what kind of business to start or buy, but the opportunities still exist. Nearly all residents of skilled nursing homes are supported by both programs to cover most of the expenses of their care. Few patients can afford these costs without government help.

The largest problem with these types of programs and insurance companies is that they are slow to pay, putting businesses, especially newer ones into a cash squeeze.

It is even possible to avoid the frustrations of government backed payments through concierge practices that require private patient payments and get them promptly, avoiding the insurance companies and Medicare and Medicaid entirely. That cash flow crunch has impacted many a practice negatively or even bankrupted them.As my granny always said, “Remember you must make money.”

But money isn’t everything. A higher level of job satisfaction is one of the things many entrepreneurs find in self-employment. You can set more of the rules and avoid more things you want to avoid. All work has some disadvantages but greater control of one’s choices always helps.

It also helps to be building a business with income and assets you own and can pass on to your people who matter to you.

Business loans for these types of investments happen every day. It also is an opportunity for medical professionals with the right skills.

You might also be able to partner with people who have skills you lack.

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