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Property Development Bridge Loans Up To $10 Million and Above


Land and Property Development Loans

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Property Development Bridge Loans Up To $10 Million and Above, Nationwide, No Appraisal, 2-3 Week Closings Typical

We specialize in helping developers (new and experienced) secure property development bridge loans, nationwide. These financing for development loans includes commercial construction financing for various forms of construction/rehabilitation including ground up commercial construction loans. We can even help prospects find a property development JV partner/equity investor to help with the upfront money required (varies by project) as well as helping would be developers with marginal credit. An strong exit strategy is important for these commercial property loans.

We are available 7 days a week. If you get our answering service, we generally return calls within 2 hours, including weekends or early next day call backs for late evening calls.

For any individual that is looking for property construction loans for development may be one of their priorities if they happen to find themselves short on budget. However, not many understand the scope and various important details of development financing, which may put them in trouble or lead to failure. However, we’ll help you understand how to proceed with property and land development loans in detail.

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This land development loan is taken when you have to build a property from scratch. However, you may already have land available, and may not need a loan to buy the land. This loan help in buying land as well as constructing property over that land.



The financing required for achieving development goals that will easily surpass all recent development finance flows. However, it can be collected from huge amounts of private resources which are available nationally.



This loan is often taken when you have to buy or repair a property that already exists including the real estate. You can use this building for a business or preferably sell it ahead if you work with the real estate.


Property development or rehab loans, also known as “Property Development Finance” is a short-term loan for various property projects, and it comes in two major phases. First, you are given an advance to buy a property. That money is exclusively used for buying the property and not for development. The second stage involves the construction of a property. However, here you do not get all the money at once but you get them in segments according to the development stage of the project.


Commercial construction financing is typically a major component of development financing.


Most frequent questions and answers

Properties over time have gotten extremely expensive, and it is quite hard for a normal person to afford them. Thus, commercial development loans have become an easy and quick alternative for people to buy, construct and repair a property. They will pay back after the project is over.

While there are no strong rules concerning when property construction and renovation or development financing must be taken, here’s a little bit of idea for you:


You may find yourself in a compromising position, especially if you have plans to develop a new property, but you think money is going to go out of your hand. You can take a development loan, but it comes with risks in this case.

There is an eligibility criterion for getting a loan to develop a commercial property. So, you should get one when you are sure you have fulfilled the criteria. Each of our loans are different due to the property and situation. We are open to many different deal structures to create a structure that fits both sides of the equation. Please call to discuss. An executive summary is what we normally require to get started. In the case of residential property development projects, we are open to loans for this type of project loan.


While the very name “loan” puts a lot of people in fear, you will find getting Property construction and development financing quite beneficial, especially Real Estate Development loans. The benefits of getting this loan are as follows:

Property Development is done Quickly and Efficiently

With development financing, you can get the construction done efficiently on time. This will not cause unexpected delays, and will not put you in compromising positions. Moreover, the building that would be built or repaired would be done so perfectly, contrary to subtle imperfections that result from a lack of budget or financing for development.



Here is a little input on the eligibility criteria of receiving property development loans:


You need to have a solid development project

To get a property and/or land development financing, you need to be an adult that is eligible for holding and building properties, and receiving loans of such a nature. Individuals that are too young may not be able to get a commercial development loan.


Agencies will not give you 100% of the loan

Note that in order to get a property construction and development loan, you should have a little bit of money yourself. That’s because agencies will not give you 100% of the loan, and you will have to add some of your own money. That is especially for the case of buying a property. These agencies usually cover 100% of the building costs.


Loans are limited to certain properties, which can vary significantly

Note that you will not get loans for all kinds of properties. You have to look at the criteria of the agency to see what kinds of loans they offer, and the property you are aiming for matches them. The loans that are generally offered are what we have discussed above, while there may be some additions elsewhere.


Final Thoughts on Commercial Loans for Real Estate development

Financing a real estate development project can be difficult when you approach a commercial lender who is focused on very short-term projects. And while our lenders can and often do these type loans, our focus here is longer term projects for developing real estate.